1.   Ensure Your Website is Gadget-Friendly


There is no secret formula for attracting more customers to your hotel’s website. Nor do you have to invest thousands of dollars to make your hotel more marketable. In fact, you can drastically improve the marketability of your hotel by enhancing your website with the following five strategies, drastically reducing your dependence on OTAs which, as you know, love taking big bites off your income

Nowadays, almost every person has a mobile device or tablet. In fact, most people rely on these portable devices more than their desktops. So, if your website is not compatible with these on-the-go devices, you may lose potential customers to another site that is formatted to fit phone and tablet screens.

To help you make your website compatible with these devices, you can use responsive design. Responsive design allows you to resize your website to fit an electronic device’s screen. Best of all, when you make edits to your desktop-sized website, the new additions will automatically be updated to your portable device sized version.

2.    Attract Customers with Special Offers


Guests have so many options when it comes to booking a hotel, so you need something that will set you apart from your competitors. One great way to diversify yourself is through special offers. Guests are attracted to good deals and are more likely to return to a hotel that they feel values their service. Rewarding your customers with special offers is a great way to establish customer loyalty and compel new people to visit your hotel. Since specials are time-sensitive, ensure that you have access to your website’s content management system so you can create and update these specials.

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