If you’re looking for new revenue management solutions in Miami, then these viral news stories from the hotel industry are must read.

Tech Partnerships: A Way to Gain a Leg-up in the Technology Game?

Tech partnerships have been around for a long time now, with plenty of hotels reporting positive experiences with a variety of partners over the years. However, according to Pierre Boettner, CEO of Hospitality Pulse, tech partnerships could well be the future of hospitality – and it’s not just about getting hold of gadgets to impress guests. Instead, Biettner argues the real secret of tech partnerships comes in the form of new ideas that ferment when great minds come together. It’s an interesting, fresh take on the tech race, with some intriguing implications for hotel revenue management consulting in Miami. Read the full story here.

Instagram Hotel Bookings

Social media giant Instagram recently added its own native payment feature to its app. With the new changes, Instagram users can now link a debit or credit card to their profile and potentially pay for anything from movie tickets to hotel bookings. Speaking to Tech Crunch, an Instagram spokesperson stated they’re currently looking for partners.

Just how successful Instagram’s payment system will be is yet to be seen, but developments like this are worth keeping on your radar. In the end, social media has already been a game changer for hotel revenue management in Miami. Find out more here.

RLH’s Revenue Chief Opens up About ‘Brand Crisis’

If you don’t know RLH Corporation, then you at least know some of their brands: Red Lion Hotels, Palms Hotels & Resorts, and Hotel RL 3 to name a few. Speaking to Hotels Magazine, RLH’s chief of revenue optimization Calvin Anderson talks about how art and creativity intersect with his approach to revenue management. It’s a useful, upbeat take that has some fascinating implications for hotel revenue management consulting in Miami. Get the full story here.

Airbnb vs the Classic Lobby

Colin Nagy, head of strategy at Fred & Farid has a fascinating take on how hotels can hold their own in the post-Airbnb world. In fact, he argues most hotels already have a potent, secret weapon – they just don’t know it.

It’s the lobby, of course. Nagy argues that a well-maintained, lovingly furnished lobby can play a key role in enticing clientele away from Airbnb and into more conventional accommodation. It’s worth reading in full for anyone involved in hotel revenue management consulting around Miami. Get the complete story here.

Expedia: Spending Outpacing Revenue?

Now here’s a case study worth your attention if you’re passionate about revenue management strategies in Miami. Expedia is currently predicting their new investments will outpace revenue this year. According to one grim new report, Expedia may find itself spending more and more every quarter on new investments – but without the almost magical levels of revenue growth, it saw in previous years. In short, Expedia’s unstoppable charge might have just hit into a brick wall. Get the rest of the story here.